Monday, May 2, 2011

Working on Book Two - Eyes to See

  I am currently working on the second volume of my Tales from Eternity.
  The gist of it has to do with the history of Israel as seen from the angels' point of view. Michael is the protagonist in this one, as Lucifer was in the first. He has been assigned to monitor the barrier protecting the living exhibit from pure lamlight.
  The general idea is that the king will use the descendents of Abraham, called the "Yachidim" (from the Hebrew word meaning "one and only"), to condition the land in preparation for the great trauma the living exhibit will undergo when he produces the antidote.
  Michael does not understand why the king tolerates the lack of cooperation from the Yachidim. Tendrils of Lucifer's doubts entwining around Michael's loyalty? Hmmm.
  Another important plot line involves the ongoing development of the numoform in this specially crafted set of biospirits.
  The Yachidim are not very adept at gleaning speles from the environment, so it is Gabriel's responsibility to provide them with an ongoing supply of numofood to boost numoform development--something along the lines of power bars and spirotein shakes, I think.
  Meanwhile, Lucifer has not forgotten his vow to put an end to the whole research endeavor. He plots with the Unmades at Naofeitos, Inc, to increase their influence in the living exhibit. He is joined in his campaign by the young Abaddon, who goes too far when he begins corrupting other angels.
  It all comes to a head when Lucifer brings empire after empire against the Yachidim. Michael must choose between the king's (potentially flawed) purposes, and Lucifer's (not unreasonable) alternative--end it already.
  Michael's pet lion, Tani, becomes increasingly hard to control, until the lion turns on him. How he handles that situation will determine the fate of the Yachidim.
  Can anyone tell me how the title fits?